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Clare, Brighton 2022


"I really have had a lot of different holistic treatments in my time, as this is my preferred route when experiencing any health issues.  Although, I have to say I have never experienced such an instant positive reaction to a treatment before. I felt so calm (afterwards)"

"I came to see (Zoë) for maintenance sessions....... I had a significant improvement in my allergies, while hot flushes I had been experiencing for a few weeks just disappeared. I love hearing about what she finds in my system, and I always feel better after I've been to see her."

Melanie, Brighton 2022

Craniosacral Rhythm

"I broke my leg and ankle in January 2022 and had about 10 craniosacral treatments with different therapists in Zurich, mainly to deal with the shock, but I didn't really feel much benefit and gave up on doing any more cranio until Zoë suggested remote sessions. I was a little sceptical but felt more benefit from this remote session than I had previously in person. I booked several more appointments with her after this and each time, I felt the healing energy working through my body and a deep sense of relaxation and de-stressing. I highly recommend Zoë as a craniosacral therapist, both in person and remotely!"

Tara, Zurich, Switzerland 2022

"Zoë's treatments have been a highlight of my week, her gentle manner is deeply reassuring and her sessions have been a treat in every sense of the word. I noticed my issues subsiding over time, but I almost wished they hadn't improved, just so I could continue to enjoy these delightful moments of deep relaxation in her care. Her professionalism is beyond question and it is easy to feel her sincerity and her dedication to helping."

Ian, Brighton 2022

"I have been having craniosacral therapy with Zoë for about 8 months and it has had a huge impact on my mental health. At the beginning of the year I was depressed, unfocused and demotivated - after my sessions I seem to be able to focus more and I am more relaxed and happier in myself. I feel completely comfortable and enjoy zoning out in the sessions! I feel renewed once again. It has helped me so much, thank you Zoë."

Craniosacral Tide

Karla, Brighton 2022

" After having had shoulder pain for months and feeling generally quite stressed, I started having treatments with Zoë. She is really intuitive and experienced and her hands simply beautiful. She really knows how to hold you while reading what to focus on to bring lasting healing. Every time I had a treatment with her, I felt uplifted and relaxed afterwards and my body relieved and grateful for the care and attention she put into it."

Toula Therapies Dragonfly

Fatima, Brighton 2022

"we are all doing much, much better thank you.  I think that for me especially the therapy you have given me has really helped shift some old blockages, my body and energy feels very different."

Clare, Brighton 2023

Craniosacral Therapy Association
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